Some of the news items on this page have been reproduced from, with the kind permission of Bill 'Redman' Goodin.

23rd December 2000 - TFI Friday Appearance, Repeated

UK fans if you missed the Boys TV appearance on Friday, on TFI Friday, don't worry it will be repeated in the very early hours of Christmas Day at 12.05am on Channel 4 in the UK.

19th December 2000 - TFI Friday Appearance

UK fans don't miss the Boys TV appearance this Friday, on TFI Friday! They will be performing 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas' live for the first time ever! So, tune in on Friday 22nd December at 9.30pm on Channel 4 in the UK.
Don't miss it!

12th December 2000 - Closer To Heaven

Many people have been asking for details on the upcoming musical. Plans are underway for an early summer launch in the West End of London but circumstances may force the date to change to Autumn 2001. The launch date will be finalised shortly.

3rd December 2000 - The Elusive E-quidation

After he had closed his site Elusive 16:19:02, Mike Fiorenza has announced, that coming 1st January 2001 is 'The Elusive E-quidation', The LARGEST Pet Shop Boys collection liquidation to ever hit the online community. From the mundane to the rarest of all rarities, nothing will be held back. For more information visit the Elusive 16:19:02 website.

28th November 2000 - TFI Friday Appearance On Again

There has been some scheduling challenges but in the end, the Boys have decided to take a brake from the studio and continue with their planned performance on the 22nd December at 9.00pm on Channel 4 in the UK for TFI Friday. This will be a world exclusive, as they have never performed the song 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas' live. Don't miss it! For more information visit the TFI Friday website.

21st November 2000 - TFI Friday

Pet Shop Boys had planned to perform their Christmas song, 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas' on the 22nd December on Channel 4 in the UK for TFI Friday, but unfortunately due to their heavy studio commitments leading up to Christmas they have had to withdraw from this performance.

21st November 2000 - Attitude Magazine

The latest edition of 'Attitude' magazine has a short piece from Neil...

Heaven Guest List Tracking down a few of the famous faces that have wandered through the gates of Heaven.

"I first went to the club 20 years ago and I have to say that I really didn't like it at all. It played very hard gay dance music, which I didn't get into until a few years later. The look was very clone. Lots of plaid shirts and moustaches. I found it all a bit frightening. I had a girlfriend at the time. It was a long time before I went back, but I do remember the Madonna gig, which was great. It was very New York, where I'd just been to launch the American Smash Hits. Pet Shop Boys have a great history with the club. We played a couple of dates there just after we'd signed to Parlophone, on consecutive nights before 'West End Girls' came out. One was a straight night and the next was a gay night and, needless to say, we went down better on the gay night. Chris was wearing all leather, ironically. Then we played again in '92 when the backing track of 'It's Alright' screwed up. We still go quite regularly, in fact we were in there only a couple of weeks ago. Part of our musical was inspired by the security cameras there. A lot of the drama revolves around those cameras. And it is, of course, called 'Closer To Heaven'."

Neil Tennant for the magazine Attitude on the subject of the UK dance club, Heaven.
Visit the Heaven website.

12th November 2000 - UK Pet Shop Boys Convention 2000, Postponed!

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the convention has been postponed to a date likely in January 2001. Details will be made available as soon as they have been confirmed.
For more details, visit Synthpop Conventions 2000 website.

This convention is NOT sponsored by the Pet Shop Boys, Pet Shop Boys Partnership or Parlophone Records. It is organized by fans for the fans.

12th November 2000 - Interview With Neil

On 6th January 2001 at 9pm, Channel 4 in the UK will broadcast a programme entitled '100 greatest No.1 singles' which will include an interview with Neil.

12th November 2000 - Elusive 16:19:02

Mike Fiorenza, the developer of the very popular unofficial fan website Elusive 16:19:02, e-mailed Pet Shop Boys OnLine to explain that he has decided to withdraw his website. Mike did an OUTSTANDING job for the 2 - 3 years he had it running. Many people favoured his site to the official one. This raised no controversy between Mike and Pet Shop Boys OnLine. They both worked together helping one another's efforts and enjoyed their teamwork. Mike's decision to withdraw his website was just that, his decision. His action has nothing to do with the official site. He has offered his talent to Pet Shop Boys OnLine whenever needed and when the task calls for it, they will certainly call on him but he will not play a primary roll in their website's evolution. There are many rumours floating around about why his website is down and he and Pet Shop Boys OnLine's relationship. No argument between Mike and Pet Shop Boys OnLine took place over recent news he released or anything else. Mike's was an unofficial site so he could do as he pleased. Pet Shop Boys OnLine are friends with Mike and will continue to remain friends. It's really quite simple why his website has been withdrawn, Mike wants to invest his time in other areas. Those that have websites understand (I do) that to keep a site of Elusive's size current in ALL section is a very time consuming task (it is). He did it very well for the time it was up and running.
I can say that his site will be missed not only by the fans but also by Pet Shop Boys OnLine, Pet Shop Boys Management, the Boys and myself. Best of luck in your future projects, Mike.
The new version of the official website has plans to pick up some of the 'Fan' related features that Mike started.

10th November 2000 - TFI Friday

Pet Shop Boys will be performing their Christmas song 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas' on the 22nd December on Channel 4 in the UK for TFI Friday. Elton John will be hosting the programme. Get your tickets online now from the TFI Friday website.

7th November 2000 - Interviews

BBC Radio 3 will be interviewing Neil on the programme 'Private Passions'. Broadcast details will be made available soon on this website.
Neil has also agreed to be interviewed for a BBC documentary entitled 'Soundtrack'. This is a prestigious project which will feature the 20th Century's greatest performers, songwriters and producers. It will be broadcast worldwide, starting with the UK (on BBC 2) and then in the US, in autumn 2001.

7th November 2000 - Christmas Is Approaching

The anticipated Fan Club Christmas card has been finalised. Literally Fan Club members are in for a real treat this year.

7th November 2000 - New Songs

The Boys are busy at the moment demoing new songs in the studio!!

3rd November 2000 - Top 10 Electro Bands

Channel 4 in the UK will broadcast Top Ten Electro Pop featuring an interview with Neil and Chris on the first Saturday of March 2001. Time of broadcast will probably be 9.00pm but this has not yet been confirmed. Check back for more details.

1st November 2000 - Closer To Heaven

As many fans are aware and have been asking about, the Pet Shop Boys have been working on the music for a play titled, 'Closer To Heaven'. The only confirmed details of this play at the moment are that the play will take place in London in the spring of 2001.
As more details become available, I will post the info here.

1st November 2000 - UK Pet Shop Boys Convention 2000

Join other fans at this exclusive convention dedicated to the Pet Shop Boys. Meet fans from all over the country! Exchange views, sell and trade your records, dance at the disco. Watch videos, exclusive footage and hear exclusive tracks. All this for 1 day ONLY.

The event will be held on Saturday 25th November 2000 from 12.00pm - 11.30pm at:

The Function Room, The Champion Jockey Public House, Wrekin Drive, Donnington, Telford, Shropshire, UK.

Admission is just 4.50. For more details, visit Synthpop Conventions 2000 website.

This convention is NOT sponsored by the Pet Shop Boys, Pet Shop Boys Partnership or Parlophone Records. It is organized by fans for the fans. ENJOY!!

29th October 2000 - IDK Competition Winner

Congratulations to Karen Drewell from the UK who is the lucky winner of the UK 12" promo double pack of 'I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore'.
The answers to the questions - 1. How much does this prize sell for at, in both 's and $'s? 24.99 - $39.98 or $37.49 depending on when you looked at it, 2. How many items do I have in my Pet Shop Boys collection? 144, & 3. What was my row and seat number when I saw the Pet Shop Boys during the Nightlife Tour? Row F Seat 14.
Thank you to all of you who entered and to for sponsoring it. I will be hopefully be running more competitions sometime in the not too distant future, please keep checking back for more details.

24th October 2000 - Rumours

It has been reported on the internet that 'Positive Role Model' will be the next single from the Pet Shop Boys and that its release would be 1st March 2001. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The Boys have yet to decide when their next release will be, much less a single for March of next year. Once release plans have been determined, news will be posted on my website.
There is also a rumour floating around that the Boys contract with Parlophone Records will end this year or next year. THIS IS SO NOT TRUE! If something of this magnitude were to occur, that news would be posted on my website!

20th October 2000 - In Berlin

The Boys are feeling quite productive at the moment having completed three new tracks while in Berlin with Chris Zipple (co-producing) this week. One of the finished tracks is a new version of 'Positive Role Model' and the other two tracks are new songs. The plans at the moment are to include these three new tracks on the next album, but the final decision has not yet been made. Once back home in Britain, the Boys will continue writing more new songs for the upcoming Album. Check back here for all the details of the new album!

20th October 2000 - Nightlife Lives On

Bob Kraushaar has begun mixing the sound for the video release of the 'Nightlife' tour! The entire Westfalenhalle concert, Dortmund Germany from 10th February 2000, was selected for this video (VHS & DVD) release! The plans are to begin editing the film very shortly and release the final cut to the public around early 2001. Some release details are still being firmed up but check back here for the latest and most accurate info.

20th October 2000 - Special Re-issues

The Pet Shop Boys will be re-issuing 'Please', 'Actually', 'Introspective', 'Behaviour', 'Very' and 'Billingual' early next year. More details will be announced shortly but rest assured something special is planned!

20th October 2000 - HRCER on VH1

The Human Rights Campaign's Equality Rocks show, held 29th April 2000 in Washington DC, will be played back on VH1 three times over the next couple weeks. PSB made an appearance at the show but the actual time of their appearance in this broadcast is unknown. The broadcast dates and times are as follows:

Friday October 27th 2000 10:00pm
Thursday November 2nd 2000, 12 Noon
Monday November 6th 2000, 11:30pm

For more info and pictures from the show or about the Human Rights Campaign Organization, visit the HRCER website.

13th October 2000 - Loveline

Its been hit and miss for many fans that have been waiting to catch the episode of 'Loveline' on MTV that was recorded last year during the Boys 'Nightlife' US tour, but thanks to our Patty, we got the word ahead of time!
Friday 20th October 2000, MTV (US), will re-run the episode of 'Loveline' featuring Neil. 02:00 - 03:00 am (EST) You can sleep in Saturday, so stay up and catch it!

12th October 2000 - Liberation

The music video for the Pet Shop Boys song, 'Liberation', was an incredible visual journey through the imagination. 'Liberation' was a great success outside of the realm of music videos and won Best Music Video Award at Siggraph Wave '94 and at the London Effects & Animation Festival.
IMAX, the pioneer and leader of giant-screen, large-format film and motion simulator entertainment, has recently released 'Cyberworld 3D', which features this stunning video by the Pet Shop Boys! If you have an opportunity to see this in the large-format film environment, do so..its a unique experience.
For more details, check out the special IMAX 'Cyberworld 3D' website.

4th October 2000 - Happy Birthday Chris!

So Pet Shop Boys together with Pet Shop Boys OnLine and all the many fans online wish Chris a very warm and happy 41st birthday!

30th September 2000 - Literally Issue 23

It's here, Literally Issue 23 came through my letterbox this morning. To find out what's in it see my Literally page for more details.

28th September 2000 - Back from Holiday, Back To Work!

Neil and Chris have been writing for the last two weeks and have written eight new songs, three of which are the final versions for the upcoming musical! Three of the new songs are instrumentals. Fresh off their holiday, its been a productive couple of weeks for them!

26th September 2000 - Glastonbury 2000 on UK Play Television

UK Play television will be airing a special 1 hour broadcast of the Pet Shop Boys' live performance from this years Glastonbury 2000 festival. The program will be presented this coming Saturday, September 30th at the following times:

1. 00:00 - 01:00
2. 03:00 - 04:00
3. 14:00 - 15:00
4. 17:00 - 18:00

Please note that all showtimes are GMT. Check out the Radio Times website for more details.

20th September 2000 - Radio and TV Appearances

The Pet Shop Boys will be featured in Channel 4's 'Top Ten Music Artists of 1987' in the UK, to be broadcast on either 1st or 2nd November, broadcast date determined soon. Keep checking this site for more details.
British fans can look forward to repeats of Neil's story telling of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' on the UK's Galaxy Radio network. Check back for broadcast dates and times.
The BBC are furnishing radio and TV stations worldwide with the Pet Shop Boys Glastonbury performance. These will be broadcast in the future but at the moment, no dates and times have been made available.

3rd September 2000 - Literally Competition Winner

Congratulations to Guzman Lopez Bayarri from Spain who is the lucky winner of the Club magazine Literally (issue 16 from October 1996), a set of 4 postcards and a poster (from the 'Before' photoshoot).
The answer to the question - Which track from Kylie Minogue's self titled 1994 album did the Pet Shop Boys write? is 'Falling'.
Thank you to all of you who entered. I will be running another competition later this month where the prize will be a UK 12" Promo, please keep checking back for more details.

31st August 2000 - Literally Issue 23

Literally Issue 23 is being printed this evening and will hit a mail box near you in a couple weeks. If you're not a Literally Fan Club member and wish to join, see my Literally page for more details.

27th July 2000 - Bloodhound Gang

The Pet Shop Boys have remixed the new Bloodhound Gang single 'Mope'. The 12" vinyl promo's have been released. This 12" promo contains two remixes, one of which is already being rumoured as not being released on the commercial copy.
The two remixes on this promo by the Pet Shop Boys are titled:

Side A
Mope - The Pet Shop Boys Extended Remix
The Ballad Of Chasey Lane - The Bloodhound Gang Mix

Side B
Mope - The Pet Shop Boys Dub Remix
The Ballad Of Chasey Lane - The Hot Snax Remix

The dub remix is the one that is expected to be dropped from the 14th August commercial release.

10th July 2000 - Happy Birthday Neil!

So Pet Shop Boys together with Pet Shop Boys OnLine and all the many fans online wish Neil a very warm and happy 46th birthday!

10th July 2000 - US Shed Tour..... Postponed

Plans for a further US tour have been postponed until 2001. The Boys have devised a very interesting idea for a US shed tour. Further news on this tour will be released when definitive plans have been established.

10th July 2000 - Literally Issue 23

Chris Heath is working on a new issue of Literally, following the Boys' triumphant peformance at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

4th July 2000 - Neil Tennant Blasts 'Insensitive' Roskilde Organisers

A spat follows Friday's Roskilde tragedy, when Pet Shop Boys, Oasis and The Cure puled out of scheduled performances after eight men were trampled to death during Pearl Jam's set. Organisers criticised bands who chose to cancel, saying 'Life is stronger than death', and citing other bands' decision to go on with the show.
But Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant, speaking from Bucharest yesterday, disagrees. "Eight people have died, the youngest was 17. I feel like they've just been brushed under the carpet. The response from the organisers was unbelievably insensitive and their main concern was that the whole thing just went ahead. I don't believe that in Britain that would have happened. I think at least the main stage activities would have been cancelled."
Deeply shocked by the deaths, Pearl Jam cancelled shows in Wechter, Belgium, on Sunday (2nd July) and Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Monday (3rd July).

1st July 2000 - Press Statement From Pet Shop Boys And Oasis
Re: Roskilde Festival

Pet Shop Boys and Oasis will not be performing tonight at Roskilde Festival. They feel that security arrangements have not changed fundamentally since last night, and are concerned that there could be a repeat of yesterday's tragedy. Also, they feel that it would be disrespectful to those who were killed, and their families, to perform in front of the site where the deaths occurred. Finally, they would like to communicate their sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those killed.

Oasis and Pet Shop Boys.

30th June 2000 - New Tour Date Added

The Boys will be performing on the main stage at Gurten Festival, Berne, Switzerland on Friday, 14th July 2000. They will be on stage from 21.30 - 23.00.

29th June 2000 - BBC Choice

BBC Choice is celebrating Gay Weekend in the UK by a big line up of talent, to include the Pet Shop Boys.
Sunday, 2nd July 2000, 01.45 - 02.15, BBC Choice will be showing a special selection of Top Of The Pops Pet Shop Boys appearances. Be sure to tune in and check 'em out!.

27th June 2000 - Glastonbury Festival

The Boys have just returned home from a fantastic weekend where they were playing the main pyramid stage in front of an audience of over 100,000 festival goers. The Boys took to the stage after Ocean Colour Scene & prior to Travis.
There is a photo of Neil Tennant on the front page of Sunday's 'Independent on Sunday' with the headline.. "Wild West Country: A Pet shop Cowboy at Glastonbury". The caption says "the Pet Shop Boys headlined the Glastonbury Festival last night, taking the event back to the 1980's with their hit 'What Have I Done To Deserve this?' (with Cerys Matthews from Catatonia dueting with Neil). Neil Tennant led fans in a mass wave during the gay anthem 'Go West'. There is a full report on Glastonbury in Sunday's Independent in addition to the Official Glastonbury Website.

28th May 2000 - Ivor Novello Awards

Pet Shop Boys have been awarded the most prestigious award, for outstanding contribution to British music, at this year's Ivor Novello Awards (The Ivors) held at London's Grosvenor House Hotel, on Thursday May 25th.
Neil and Chris join an illustrious list of previous winners, including Pink Floyd, Queen, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Morrissey, Elvis Costello and Chrissie Hynde.
They were presented with the award by Elton John, who said of them: "Neil and Chris, quite simply, write superlative pop songs - beats that make you want to dance, melodies that hook you and go spinning around inside your head, coupled with wonderful ironic lyrics, all crowned by Neil's fabulously sardonic delivery. They are two of the best British songwriters and I think they're timeless".
Pet Shop Boys are currently working on new songs and on their first musical, which they have written with playwright Jonathan Harvey.
For more information on the awards, visit The Ivors website.
Press Release provided by Parlophone Press and Pet Shop Boys Partnership.

28th May 2000 - So Pet Shop Boys Is Launched Online

Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy it. I will be adding more sections shortly.
What will the Pet Shop Boys be up to in the rest of 2000? Keep up to date by regularly checking back here.