LIVE 8 2005

The Pet Shop Boys performed at Live 8 in Russia on 2nd July 2005. Although I didn't attend Live, I did watch the performance from Red Square live on television. The Moscow concert was the last of the Live 8 concerts to be announced and was organised in only five days. Live 8 wasn't Live Aid 2, it was part of a day of action across the world which kick-started The Long Walk To Justice that called on the leaders of the world's richest countries to act when they met in Gleneagles on 6th-9th July 2005, to Make Poverty History. Live 8 were calling for people across the world to unite in one call. It was your voice they were after, not your money. Other Live 8 concerts were held across the world in, Park Place, Barrie, Canada; Palais de Versailles, Paris, France; Siegessäule, Berlin, Germany; Circus Maximus, Rome, Italy; Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan; Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa; Hyde Park, London, UK; Eden Project, St Austell, Cornwall, UK; Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA. A further concert took place on Wednesday 6th July 2005 the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Stage, Before The Pet Shop Boys Came On The Stage, When The Pet Shop Boys Were On

Moscow police estimated that Neil and Chris performed in front of 60,000-80,000 people. It was a fluke that I actually saw them at all. I was watching the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, London on BBC1 when it was mentioned that you could watch other Live 8 concerts by pressing the "red button" on your remote control for BBCi, so I pressed the "red button". The other concerts you could choose from were, Philadelphia, Rome, Paris and a Pick 'n' Mix, I took a chance and I left it on Pick 'n' Mix. I kept channel hopping between the Hyde Park concert and Pick 'n' Mix, Madonna had just come on stage at Hyde Park and I flicked over to Pick 'n' Mix, Neil and Chris had just started their set. I thought the highlight of the performance was 'Suburbia' but the rest of it was just as good.
Neil seemed to forget a line during 'Always On My Mind' he either said "I've forgotten the line" or "what's the line", I couldn't make it out. Joining Neil and Chris on stage were Sylvia Mason-James (vocals), Mark Refoy (guitars) and Dawne Adams (percussion). Live sound was mixed by Pete Gleadall. After the final track Neil said "Thank you for supporting Live 8", then everyone left the stage assuming that the show was over but most of the audience refused to leave so Neil and Chris returned to the stage and performed 'It's A Sin' for a second time, but I didn't see that bit as BBCi most have thought that the concert had finshed.

Chris Neil

The full playlist at Live 8 on 2nd July 2005 was:

It's A Sin
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
Domino Dancing
New York City Boy
Always On My Mind
Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)
West End Girls
Left To My Own Devices
Go West
It's A Sin

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