Released - 4th June 2001
Highest Chart Position - Number 118
Record Label - Parlophone


Catalogue Number - 5305072

Introspective & Further Listening 1988-1989 Introspective & Further Listening 1988-1989

CD1 - Introspective
Left To My Own Devices
I Want A Dog
Domino Dancing
I'm Not Scared
Always On My Mind/In My House
It's Alright

CD2 - Further Listening 1988-1989
I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
Don Juan - Demo Version
Domino Dancing - Demo Version
Domino Dancing - Alternative Version
The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
What Keeps Mankind Alive?
Don Juan - Disco Mix
Losing My Mind - Disco Mix
Nothing Has Been Proved - Demo For Dusty Springfield
So Sorry, I Said - Demo For Liza Minnelli
Left To My Own Devices - 7" Mix
It's Alright - 10" Version
One Of The Crowd
It's Alright - 7" Version
Your Funny Uncle